Teak Wood Furniture Malaysia

What Makes Teak Wood Furniture Malaysia a Long-Lasting Choice?

Are you shopping for durable and sustainable furniture to adorn the outdoor space? One name that is sure to pop-up is Tectona Grandis, better known as Teak wood. This deep amber shade of wood is filled with exceptional properties. As compared to other types of wood, Teak is an expensive and long-lasting wood. It can last up to 70 years or more when maintained properly. Let’s dig deep into the origin, uses, and qualities of Teak Wood.

Teak, similar to mango wood, is a tropical hardwood. It is primarily grown throughout Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, among other countries. It is a common observation that all the high-quality tables, hammock, stools, stands, and chairs, are all made with teak, you may wonder the reason for this? A teak tree has a remarkable property of self-preserving.

Teakwood Furniture Malaysia

All trees have natural oils. Teak wood maintains this natural oil even after cutting and processing of the wood. The tight dense grain gives teak the power to retain its goodness. The rubber content and presence of self-preserving natural oils give teak an edge over the other woods. It imparts teak the power to withstand the test of climatic pressure, moisture, and insect infestation. This is the major reason behind the use of teak in the construction of ships and boats. The above reason also answers the question, “Why is teak wood preferred as outdoor furniture?”

You must understand that teak wood is long-lasting but not aesthetically immortal. This means teak requires care and attention to ensure it retains its golden glow. With reckless use, the teak would fade into silver-grey. Don’t fret over the resilience of the wood, the change in colour of the wood doesn’t alter the integrity of the wood.

Caring for Teak Wood Furniture Malaysia

  • Teak Sealers are often used with a water base. This helps create a protective layer that helps teak retain the natural oils present in the wood. A thin layer of sealant does wonders and goes a long way. 
  • Before you apply any sealant, be sure to wipe the furniture clean and remove any build-up. Use a spraying mechanism to protect your teak. Place your furniture outside on a tarp or canvas, put on a face mask, you don’t want the fumes of the spray entering your lungs.
  • In case the furniture has already acquired the silver-grey tinge, use a sanding machine or a hard bristle wire brush. The scrubbing off of the top layer will help you attain the original colour of the wood, hidden behind the build-up. 
  • Teak brightener is another option to restore the colour. Post the sanding and hard-brushing, make sure to wipe the furniture with a teak brightener. 
  • Follow the instructions on the sealant. You may have to allow time for drying in between each layer. It is advised to use sealant every ten months, to ensure the furniture retains its colour. When shopping for teak furniture, make sure, you aren’t conned into buying a dupe. The market is filled with furniture that is sold under the name of teak wood but is pine, resin, or oak furniture with a faux finish.

Teak Wood Furniture Malaysia

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