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We believe in creating and manufacturing outdoor furniture and indoor furniture designs that assimilate swiftly with your design taste and are meant to be enjoyed over a lifetime, generation to generation. For Teak Furniture Malaysia, that means furniture which is minimalist in design, exceptionally crafted, built-to-last lifetime , and delivered to you with love and care.

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Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer Malaysia

Furniture Manufacturer Malaysia We understand varied needs of the hospitality industry So we can develop with you the special finishes, textures and materials you need.

Tesk Furniture has over 20 years of experience in contract design, volume manufacturing so in developing specialized finishes for international clients.

We receive custom furniture design based on customer design. outdoor &  indoor, decorative lighting, and craft for your hospitality projects.

We are concern in giving you high-quality furniture that’s made to last. So Products are checked with our deep experience of furniture making and quality control procedures.

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Teak Furniture Malaysia always welcomes custom made teak furniture requests, being Teak wood home furniture maker, we believe in being yourself! At Teak Furniture Malaysia, you can create 100% unique furniture that’s all yours to the very last detail; the perfect fit for you, and your home. If you have plans and designs, we will be delighted to build it exclusively for you. If you would like to learn more about us and how we can help you with your project, don’t be hesitate to contact us for further information. Drop Us Inquiry.

06:38 27 Sep 23
This is my first time i buy from Teak Furniture online store. The only setback was the time it took for manufacturing and shipping - for me it was almost 7 - 8 weeks. But with the quality and workmanship, it is definitely worth a wait. I would highly recommend Teak Furniture Malaysia.
Ishal ImranIshal Imran
06:37 27 Sep 23
I am happy with the purchase..the quality is good. I love the classic modern design..keep up the good work.
Goh Di YaoGoh Di Yao
05:51 19 Sep 23
Trusted online store Good quality. Delivered on time from Indonesia.
Shakir MinhasShakir Minhas
11:22 17 Sep 23
Mamoon ImranMamoon Imran
05:59 17 Sep 23
Good Quality Teak Wood Furniture

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