Teak Coffee Table – Fado


A premium piece of furniture that combines top-quality features and contemporary design, the Fado solid teak coffee table has beautifully understated lines, a superb slatted top, with a recess that provides a perfect place to put objects that would tend to roll or to display trinkets, and legs that are designed to visually lighten the piece.

This coffee table has received particular care at each stage of its manufacture: worked in a varnished wood known for its resistance to wear and tear and to day-to-day mishaps, it has meticulously crafted finishes and brass screws.

While it will be the focal point of your living room, the Fado solid teak coffee table can also be placed on the patio when the weather is fine: the In & Out trend erases indoor/outdoor boundaries, favouring furniture that is designed to be used successfully either inside or outside.